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Going anywhere that would require packing an extra pair of underwear.

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Changing Gears

Ok, I think I have all my junk packed AGAIN. Arriving here in Punta Uva late last month has given me several weeks to realize I still have more stuff than I need, but after some selective elimination I have once again packed a modest… Read More

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Sloth in the Yard

A very animated sloth wound her (his) way through my jungle yard looking for either food or a mate. Normally very slow and methodical, this sloth moved very quickly through the short brush and gives an excellent example of their motor mechanics and character expression.… Read More

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Sloth on a Stick

Young Sloth Rescue Carolina and Jennifer had already lifted this young 3 toed sloth from the busy road just minutes before I passed by and had gently placed him in the familiar surroundings of a low tree near Aguas Claris in Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica.… Read More

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Well, winding down a most wonderful time here in Punta Uva. This must be one the hottest times of the year as everybody, including seasoned locals like Jennifer, Juliette and Selvin, are winjing just a bit about the midday heat and there is much manipulation… Read More