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Life is Short

For most of my 70+ years I have been surrounded by friends, close and casual, that are just my height or often taller, some of you very much taller, Dick, Roger, Dr. Garvey, Eileen, Amanda, Larry, Louise and so on. The list is quite extensive.… Read More

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Birds I have known

Birds I have known

Not having a claim to an extensive ‘Life List’ as many of the official ‘birders’ I meet in my travels will proudly show you, I have had a number of special encounters with the Avian population to know what I have grown to know as the ‘Birds I have met’, and a special lot they are.

In central America my interest in the exotic species has been aroused and I have images of many brightly coloured birds who have found their way into a rescue shelters but the treasured Parrots and Toucans that speed by overhead are totally disinterestd in my binoculars.
Deep down a heart felt affinity has been to those feathered friends who have made a difference in my life or added some joy to it.

Barred Rock Chickens

Non can compare with the versatility and proud barnyard stature of the ‘Barred Rock’. They are prolific layers, even in cold weather, and the large meaty carcass dresses out to a mighty fine thanksgiving substitute for the much overeaten Turkey. The White Rock chicken also has many of the qualities of the cousins pictured here but these mild mannered counts and countesses of the chicken run will give the best beak for your buck.

Captive Eagle

Living on Lumsden pond these past dozen or so years has afforded me the opportunity to observe the nesting and hunting habits, up close from the kayak, of these magnificent birds underscoring their dominant presence at the top of the bird food chain. This lucky guy lives at Oaklawn Farm Zoo in Aylesford, Nova Scotia with only one wing.

A Cheeky Dee

Hard to find another seed eater who can be as cheeky as the Black Capped Chickadee dee dee and is as persistent with the others birds of a similar feather. The high energy requirements of this chunky little dynamo are rewarded by an all day pursuit of food, in the pines, spruce or ash trees or at the feeder.

Ice Walking Gull

Living in Halifax and around the bay of Fundy is hard to escape the mournful cry of the seagull and the aggressive behaviour around a scattered bucket of fish guts. This guy seems positively bewildered with a frozen surface, not the sea my good fellow.

Waddling on the Pond

Independent and aloof the domestic goose is both noisy and to be feared. An large African male can easily sneak up give you a nasty scrape on the bare ankle but this is a small price to pay for the security they provide the barnyard from nightly intruders. Chinese, African and another big chunky type I do not recall the name of are the most common honkers behind the fence.

Red Breasted Gross Beak

Arrives in north mid summer and seems indifferent to all going on and takes his time at the feeder with few cares of other birders or danger. He and the Baltimore Oriole I have seen in Costa Rica in winter as this guy is the principal pollinator of the coffee trees which are found on every hillside and corner in the mountainous valleys of most central american countries. His long flight returning to Nova Scotia and his relaxed attitude attest to the strength found in association with the life giving coffee bean.

Yellow Finch Female

These are the quintessential northern bird as they forage in harmony with all else, endure the harsh winters and have no outstanding physical characteristics. Perfect blenders.

Yellow / Rose Breasted Gross Beak

Brash and nervous these brightly coloured birds appear in large flocks and dominate in a feeding frenzy forcing all else to hang on the perimeter waiting for them to leave.

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Hills of Cacao

Selvin Brown, long time resident and farmer on the southern Carribean coast of Costa Rica, has with the help and architectural knowledge of his son Markus made a decision to develop part of his farmland into a sustainable community of 12 to 15 planned and… Read More