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Trudging to market

Off to the market in the early morning shade. The heat from the alternate paved roadway warms my beer by the time I get back home.

Well, winding down a most wonderful time here in Punta Uva.

This must be one the hottest times of the year as everybody, including seasoned locals like Jennifer, Juliette and Selvin, are winjing just a bit about the midday heat and there is much manipulation of fans and work times. Truly, a siesta settles in around noon every day and breaks up after 4pm.

The 3 Amigos

The cabinas have been quiet but there is still much business with the restaurant and the changes Markus, Selvins’ son, has been making to the cabinas. He will be fun to work with as Selvin has given he and I the green light to develop the farm behind the cabinas into some kind of sustainable community. There are lots of drawings and plenty of ideas as to how this might work and will post the progress here as it happens.

Markus is an architect and I a dreamer so we could have some amazing projects to discuss in the next few months. The basic concept is to make available to up to 20 participants the option of leasing/buying a small section of the crest of the farm and in some controlled way supply and service the sites with sustainable power and water.

All is now in the site analysis and sketch stage but it looks like a go.

Thinking a little bit about re-entry into my Canadian space, snow pellets and all, and how it will be so good to see my girls again and to award the first one to surpass me in height with a big hug, well all 3 will get one anyway.

Soccer season will soon be under way and daily trips to field will be the norm for a game or a practice and maybe some swimming at the Y. Hope there are no waves as I have been having nightmares about my last snorkling expedition with an unusually large sunami type wall of water.

I am prepping for some medical tuneups and possession amalgamation before I come back to Costa Rica in the fall so I will now get back to my packing and my farewells and while leaving with a heavy heart also look forward to seeing my family again.

I am one lucky guy.

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  1. Roger Boyle

    We M U S T get together when you return. No repeating last year. I’d love to hear more about your tropical dreams.

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