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Southern Costa Rica and other monkey business

A quick post to cover some ground since January.

February 14, I was innocently witness to a baby howler monkey rescue by a frantic mother on the beach at Punta Uva.
Credit to all those who backed away and discretely avoided complicating the mother monkeys progress. I was steadfast and still as I could be in the shade of a large tree. Please don’t berate me, I walked into this unknowlingly as it happened.
Baby Howler Monkey Rescue – February 14, 2014 – Punta Uva, Costa Rica

Blooms of Southern Costa Rica January 2014

A slideshow of 60 blooms of my travels to southern Costa Rica have been cobbled together without identification. Although many of the plants are familiar to me and I have references, it is not complete and I am hoping to get more info from Monique Girard of San Vito. She, and her obliging husband Marcel are most responsible for the promotion and sharing of these plants within their community, near the border with Panama. Contact them to stay in their lovely cabinas overlooking town or for more info on the flora of this region.
Monique and Marcel San Vito, Coto Brus, Puntarenas – With great thanks to my friends for their hospitality and vigour.

Source of nearly all the images here.

Cabinas Selvin –

Bosque del tolomuco San Isidro – Lise and Rolf Lise and Rolf – Lots of birds and blooms in the cloud forest with cool nights.

La petite maisons – San Vito –

Casa Botanica – San Vito – Kathleen and Pepe
Casa Botanica – Kathleen and Pepe – Wonderful accomodation, meals and spectacular vistas at

On the web:

Wilson Botanical Garden

Hotel Los Volcanes – Alajuela – Helping make all things possible for everyone

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  1. Hi Bill! Great to see this post. The accidental video + pics of the howler baby rescue are awesome. You seem to be doing well – don’t come back, we’ve just had our umpteenth snow storm, I’ve lost count, really. At least I still get to enjoy the snow (x-country ski – the South Mountain is glorious), whereas Dick just suffers as it makes him insecure for walking (new knee). So, to improve his lot, we’re going to Aruba the first week of March. That’s right, just a week. Long story as to why we’re not going any longer, doesn’t really matter, next year we will!

    All the best from both of us

    Liz (trying to be Elisabeth again)

    • Hi Liz, You have had several years of family grief and life management and we have to leave our paths from time to time to make things right so it is good to hear you are returning to your home path. Safe journeys in Aruba and keep posting. Hi Dick, enjoy the heat.

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