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No internet

Will be without an internet connection for the several weeks. Check out this site for updates and where I might be if you need me.

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  1. Liz Kosters

    Hi there Bill!

    So you left the cold! You couldn’t have thought of a better winter to do so. The weather has been amazingly bad for 3 weeks already, I never saw so much snow so early. And then we had an ice storm, but I’m sure you heard about that from others.

    We are well, Dick. Is still recovering from the knee replacement, doing well in general, but he is sick of being stuck in this weather, I.e. It’s dangerous for him to move around, I.e. He is housebound, I.e. He is getting cabin fever. And there are 2 more months to go! Oops. This actually prompted a conversation over our daily drink together, he said he had tried to contact you, but hadn’t heard. I figured you had gone down south, searched facebook and … Bingo!

    Ok, that’s it for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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