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It is definitely not the Hilton

But is a big step up for me.

Down as far as the road will take me on the caribbean coast of costa Rica, I have found a special place set into the jungle, but only steps from the beer store, that I will call home for the next couple of weeks.
Manzanillo, on the steps leading to the Gandoca Wildlife Refuge (23,348 acres)
where I shall spend much of my time out from under my mosquito tent and looking for  things to include in further blog updates. The mosquitos here carry the virus for denge fever so I liberally apply my MEC supplied Watkins lotion in the hope that they will be discouraged from taking a chunk of flesh. The other irritating night visitors are the noseeums which I have never  seeumed but that have left largeum weltums on my forehead. I rubbed a used rum and lime slice to the affected areas and watch if the little buggers leaveum me aloneum.

If Puerto Veijo is like an old western town then Manzanillo has the flavour of  the last outpost, rich in Rasta heritage and short on formality. The Mini-Supers and restaurants, excepting  Maxies’ (quality reputation) are mom and pop (mostly Mom) operations follow the rules of a new day and serve the catch of the new day. Tasty and generous portions are found on the  most unassuming porches.

Finding time for a bit of drawing and finally an opportunity to get serious about my guitar has already established the signature tune in my repertoire and one which will always be requested of  “You are my sunshine”.

My new digs.


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