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Getting scared, really scared.

Old fatcat, my favorite feline subject at the zoo, appears not too concerned with the presence of big scary pumpkin and his minions.

Old fatcat, my favorite feline subject at the zoo, appears not too concerned with the presence of big scary pumpkin and his minions.

HALLOWEEN – Great time of the year to talk about fears and foibles and for those that subscribe to the doubtful concept of the after life or the obscene economic engine that has created and perpetuates this myth.
The time in the year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers. – Wikipedia

As the children prance about their neighborhood in search of the almighty chocolate grail, finding only tidbits and miniature models of their fructose induced dreams, there exists among the greater adult community fears unfounded and a generally accepted view of doom and despair. Perfect scenario for halloween night.

You can thank the revolution in communication for being at least the instigator in the wave of paranoia that has enveloped our modern world.

When once we stood upon our front steps and bellowed throughout the street on a cold October night with our cracking voices, wearing silly costumes and rubber boots to our neighbors across the way, to be on the lookout for our lost dog which has just escaped as trick and treat were at the door. We now text our neighborhood community group on our smart phones with a flagged red alert and within minutes we are notified of Fidos’ location and with the help of a GPS coordinant we have him safely back in the den. All without every having seen any one who had been aware of him missing.

As efficient and as technically astounding as this may seem on first glance, with the successful retrieval of the dog so immediate, we have abandoned the subtleties of nuance to achieve perfection. No longer are the smells and sweat of cooperation part of the action nor are there any sincere expressions of concern for the search which so often brings friendships and common goals to the surface. The end becomes the reason, not the process which in times past would have tempered concern, made humorous mistakes and brought unity to our successes.
Inflection, innuendo and self deprecation are inherent elements to physical group processes which go a long way to mollify and derail our fears before we temper our enthusiasm for the unpredictable and make rigid and inflexible our wisdom.
Tears of fear weigh heavier than tears of cheer. lol

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