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The price of being fit.

Recently, after several months of training at the local Y and changing some fat to muscle and with some modest pant size changes I decided to let up on my routines and walk a bit in the event I get away to some remote central american town this winter. The rest is based on some pain in my lower back right side but also for my ankles and knees which have been tested over the past few months. All are in freefall pain right now and have me wondering the wisdom of weight training or actually anything beyond a 20 minute walk on the treadmill.

Pecs have been shamelessly enhanced based on future expectations.

Pecs have been shamelessly enhanced based on future expectations.

Walking is the best thing I can do for my still wobbly pins (balance is a problem I used to solve with beer) and for my shallow breathing. In spite of all the routine gym machine work of 4 months and the careful stretching before and after my workouts I have somehow pinched my sciatic nerve and now walk around like Martin Crane of Frasier fame. I have succumbed to the ibuprofen routine of 400 mgs every 4 hours and just like they say, I am able to go back to the activities that caused the problem in the first place. I hope this crippled state will pass and I will be ready to roll for a few months. I shall be scaling the jungle mountainsides, even with a cane, if I clear my health and back pain troubles.

MuscleDraw01SThe mental side of feeling fit has underestimated value. The taughtness of muscle and the firmness of your gait is a boost to your failing body image as one enters the senior years. Making every attempt to reclaim your youthful strength you will sometimes exceed the capacity of your muscle and lungs to pop into perfect form and return you to yesteryear where there were no bones rubbing or tendons slacking. Do not go there. Find your limits early in your new found exercise regimine and scale back gradually in time and intensity to preserve your reconstituted self.
I am in wait mode right now to see if I have oversteped my bounds and plead gently to my muscles and bones to stop hurting.

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