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Not all things are what they seem.

David Francey

David Francey

Original image of David Francey performing on the bandshell stage at the HomeCounty Folk Festival in London, Ontario.

It pays to be sceptical when an extrordinary photo on your facebook page dazzles you. Extra ordinary is the term used for the manipulation of images, using a paint program or more commonly Photoshop, an image manipulation program that has been around for as long as computers have.

Take for instance this image I have created that was from 2 original digital photos taken of the same subject but with different exposures allowing fo a perfect balance of colour and contrast in both the sky and crowd.
In a simple paint program I sandwiched the two images of the scene and then used a brush eraser (my mouse) to erase all the dark areas of the original sky pic leaving the second original to shine through.

Magnify this image or zoom in to check the edges around the bandshell dome to see how ragged and inconsistent my brush strokes were.

I get lazy and lose interest with photo manipulation after a short time. It seems dishonest to me.

Next time you are knocked out with an image check for details that will authenticate the originality or check with author if they have not already declared their “shopped” techniques.

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