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Abandoning your lifes purpose

Rails to somewhere

If you have gone off the rails recently, you may want to travel the straight and narrow for a while.

Periodically, usually after a protracted period of diligence you throw off the cloak of purpose and jump a tangent to somewhere.
This can happen if you have eaten too much Quinoa or repeated your wishes once too often to put more toilet paper on the roller.

You know before you start that the practice of abandoning the very thing you live and breathe for will be short lived and that your reckless attitude will come back and bite your behind, but you do it anyway. Everything you, at this moment despise and loath to your core, will be there in full colour, the moment you experience that cold chill rippling down your spine and you reluctantly return to the program that was never switched off.

Almost as an automobile needs fuel, you as a predictable citizen of this crazy world need to step off the planet for a while to suck up a few gallons of the unknown before getting back on track.

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