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Power of leaders

Power of leaders and the power of leadership.

Evidence is found most recently in the pack of egomaniacs that have come to power in various so called democratic countries around the world by way of their focused idealogical process of one size fits all.

“Leaders” were the intentions of a naive voting public who elected charismatic or well intentioned individuals to show leadership and execute the programs chosen by and most relevant for their citizens. The choices made with few exceptions have blossomed into governments of tyranny with little respect for the rights and privacy of the people who trusted them with their vote.¬†

Look at the recent list of traitors to their purpose, Bush, Blair, Assad, Harper, Obama, Putin, Berlusconni all capturing the confidence of their citizens and then turning their motives into personal gain, fame and triumph at the expense of all they once stood for. Granted a few of these characters were not so magnanamous on freedom and human rights but they too implied it was possible.

To continue to vote for one person, as we do with our “party system”, with almost unlimited powers, to stand as your representative in a democratic society is to continue to produce megalomaniacal¬†personalities from many well intentioned and socially responsible beginnings. The potential of power attracts those with megalomaniac personalities.

Representation by proportional representation such as a senate, or house of commons/representatives without a specific leader or at least one that rotates every 6 months is key to getting the important things accomplished, climate variance, economic equalization, health and emotional strength of their populations. This process may not work as quickly as a “leaders’ decision” but is likely to have more relevance and lasting impact.

As we group our representatives we polarize them with foolish and unrelated labels like conservative, liberal, green, black and yellow, and in turn, limit the opportunities that we have in a real democracy to make things happen and prepare for our uncertain economic and environmental future.

Do what you can in your community to build a true democracy from the voices in your community and push your ideas up to the next level.

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